Listed below is the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for Caledonia Aquatic Center. The document gives an overview of the guidelines that will be followed when offering swimming lessons and open swim to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.

In order to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, the City of Caledonia will follow these guidelines when offering swimming lessons and open swim at the Caledonia Aquatic Center.

Capacity and distancing

  • The Caledonia Aquatic Center will not have more than 146 patrons at any time. This amount is 50% of the Aquatic Center’s capacity of 293.
  • The City will maintain a visitor log of Aquatic Center guests so that guests can be contacted if needed after they leave the pool.
  • Swimming lessons will be scheduled in advance.
  • Group swimming lessons will not have groups of more than 10 people, including both lifeguards and swimmers.
  • Patrons will be encouraged not to congregate while waiting for access and will be encouraged to follow social-distancing guidelines.
  • Pool chairs will be spread out at least six feet in accordance with distancing requirements.

Customer screening

  • Patrons will not be allowed in the Caledonia Aquatic Center if they are sick or exhibit signs or symptoms of COVID-19, as defined by the CDC:
  • If a patron becomes sick or starts showing symptoms of COVID-19 after being admitted to the Caledonia Aquatic Center, they will have to leave the facility and will not be given a refund.

Personal sanitation

  • Sanitizing stations will be provided at the entrance of the Caledonia Aquatic Center and at other key locations throughout the facility.
  • Swimming equipment such as goggles will not be distributed to patrons or shared by lifeguards.

Facility cleaning

  • Frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized at least three times a day: between morning lessons and afternoon open swim; prior to evening open swim, and after pool closure. Frequently touched surfaces include but are not limited to hand rails, tables, door handles, deck furniture, drinking fountains, toilets, faucets, and sinks.
  • The Caledonia Aquatic Center will be cleaned using steriphene or hepacide quat.


  • The manager or assistant manager on duty at the Caledonia Aquatic Center will be designated to ensure that the guidelines and regulations are followed.


  • The City will post signage regarding the following:
  • The pool’s reduced capacity (146)
  • Reminding patrons about social distancing
  • Reminding patrons to wash their hands and to use sanitizing stations
  • Instructions on identifying the symptoms of COVID-19
  • Informing patrons that they will not be permitted to use the pool if they or any of their household members are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

Water chemistry and maintenance

  • Chlorine will be used to disinfect the pool water at the Caledonia Aquatic Center.
  • Chlorine and other pool chemicals will be maintained according to guidelines established by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Emergency protocols and other safety considerations

  • Lifeguards will have access to bag value masks in case they are needed so that they will not have mouth-to-mouth contact while administering CPR.
  • Lifeguards will have access to the following additional personal protective equipment: Surgical masks, gloves, and eye protection. PPEs will be used in accordance with CDC guidelines to minimize transmission of disease.
  • Lifeguards will assume that patrons exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19—such as coughing and a fever—are COVID-19 positive until otherwise determined.
  • If a patron exhibits signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and is need of emergent medical assistance, lifeguards will call 911 to request ambulance response. Lifeguards will not provide any first aid or other non-emergent assistance to patrons exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

Employee COVID-19 screening

  • Lifeguards will be told to stay home if they are sick and will be sent home if they arrive sick.
  • Lifeguards who begin to show symptoms of COVID-19 while at work will be sent home, and pool patrons will be notified that they may have been exposed to a lifeguard with symptoms of COVID-19.