The City of Caledonia has been notified that there is a group called Center for Voter Information that is sending residents forms to request absentee ballots for the primary election and general election. These forms are being sent without voters requesting them. The forms are valid and will be delivered to the Houston County Auditor’s Office, but the forms are pre-checked to request absentee ballots for both the primary election August 11 and the General Election on November 3. Residents do not have to vote by absentee ballot for either election. Residents will be able to vote in-person for both the primary election and the General Election. The City of Caledonia also wants to inform our voters that there will be safety precautions taken for those that plan on voting in person. There will be individual voting booths for both elections, and the voting booths will be spaced out to maximize social distancing. There will also be plastic barriers between voters and election judges to minimize contact. Please call City Hall at (507) 725-3450 if you have any questions about the upcoming elections.