Dog Waste Cleanup

The City of Caledonia Street Department would like to remind its community members that they must clean up after their dog per City Code § 92.47. Picking up your dog’s waste is important for your health, the health of your pet, and Caledonia’s environment.

  • “Any person conducting dog(s) within the corporate limits of the city whether or not the dog is owned by the person, shall then and there possess tools or equipment suitable for the sanitary pick up and removal of all dog fecal material and shall promptly and effectively remove to his or her premise all fecal material and there sanitary disposition made thereof.” – City Code § 92.47.

72 Hour Parking Ordinance

The City of Caledonia would also like to remind its community members that it is not permitted to park any vehicle, (especially trailers, boats, and campers) for more than 72 consecutive hours on an City street per City Code 72.03.

  • “No vehicle shall be stopped or parked for more than 72 consecutive hours on any street or highway in the city. For the purpose of this section, any vehicle moved a distance of less than one block or less than 400 feet on streets having blocks greater than 400 feet in length during the limited parking period shall be deemed to have remained stationary. It shall be unlawful for any person to obliterate, erase or remove any mark or sign placed on a vehicle by a police officer for the purpose of measuring the length of time the vehicle was parked.” – City Code § 72.03