Reminder: Registration for baseball and softball ends on Friday, April 16, so please submit your registration forms prior to the deadline.

New League for games: We will be participating in the Seven Rivers Athletic Association (SRAA) this summer as it appears that the Coulee Region Sports League is no longer in existence. We will still be playing the same teams as in the past. Game days and times will also be the same. Per league rules, facemasks will be required for games, but this may change as we begin to start the season. Coaches will have this information once we begin.

**Additional Teams** 8U BB and 8U SB divisions are now being offered!

8U BB: In past years, 7 & 8 year-old boys could play on our 9U teams – either mixed in with the 9 year-olds or on their own team playing in the 9U lower division. This year, they will have their own division and play other 8U teams. Games will still be on Monday and Wednesday, 5:30/7:00 PM. If you have signed up your son for 9U BB, we will assess the numbers to see if we can have a team in the 8U division. Before practice begins, you will be notified by the coach when your child’s practices/games will be.

8U SB: This is very exciting to have this division for our girls. It can be daunting for a 7 or 8 year-old girl to be playing on a 10U team. Skill levels can be all over the place! Now we can offer a team where they will learn the fundamentals of fast pitch softball before they advance to the 10U level, and play against like-teams. If you have already signed your daughter up to play in the 10U team, we will automatically put her in the 8U team. If you are signing up for the first time, simply put 8U on the line for 10U SB on the registration form.

Hopefully we can garner enough interest to have a team this year in the 8U SB division. Also, please consider coaching or reach out to someone you feel would be good at coaching this age level.

Umpires: Our teams cannot play in Caledonia unless we have umpires! Please get the word out to all you know: $25/12U – 14U; $20 for 11U – 8U.

If you have any questions about our new league or the 8U BB/SB, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact Theresa Huff at the information below.


Cell phone: 507-500-1507 call or text