Dear T-Ball & Pee Wee Parents,

The City was approached by the Community Education office earlier this week about them providing a T-Ball/Pee Wee program this summer. In the interest of our youth in Caledonia, we have decided to have them provide this program. Our intent is to have all participate in one program so as not to have friends playing apart. We did not want people having to decide which program their children would be participating in.

If you have already signed up for our program, we will be refunding you in full. If you only registered one child for T-Ball or Pee Wees, we will void the check that you provided for registration fees. If you registered one child for Pee Wees and another child for a different age group, we will void your current check and would like you to send us a new check for your child that is currently registered for 9U – 14U.

Caledonia Community Education will be sending out their information ASAP, so please be looking out for that.

If you are wondering on whether your child should participate in Pee Wees or our baseball/softball program, here are some points to ponder:

Boy: We have had Pee Wees age group as 6-8 with the birth date being 4/30. If you have a 7/8 year old, you may want to consider registering him in the 9 & Under baseball program. This would depend on how many years your son has participated in our program and if you feel that he is ready for a more competitive level of play. Last year, we had 2 teams in the 9U division of the Coulee Region Sports League: one was all 9 year old players, the other was 8/7 year old players. Please bear in mind that the parents of the 7 year old players felt that they would benefit in a more competitive league: 2 games/week, some home and some away, with 1-2 practices a week.

Girl: If you have an 8 year old and feel that she is ready to play in a more competitive atmosphere, you might want to consider signing her up for the 10 & Under Softball program. As with Baseball, games would be home and away 2 nights a week with 1-2 practices a week. I don’t feel that a 7 year old would do well in this league.

Please note that our registration for Softball/Baseball deadline is April 25. We will be getting information from the Coulee Region Sports League on April 25 concerning how the summer program will proceed due to the pandemic.

If you have questions about the Community Education program, please contact Gretchen Linzmeier at

As always, the City wants to provide a fun and safe program for our youth in the summer. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.