The City of Caledonia will receive a $7 million grant towards its new wastewater treatment facility as part of the $1.87 billion jobs and infrastructure bonding bill passed this week by the Minnesota House of Representatives and Minnesota Senate. The grant was made possible thanks to Representative Greg Davids and Senator Jeremy Miller, who advocated on behalf of the City of Caledonia and its residents to include funding in the bill. Caledonia Mayor DeWayne “Tank” Schroeder said the grant was “very good news” and thanked legislators Representative Davids and Senator Miller for making this happen. “This will help the citizens of Caledonia and our future,” Mayor Schroeder said. City Clerk/Administrator Adam Swann also thanked Representative Davids and Senator Miller and commended them for their help getting funding for the project in a very short amount of time. Swann also thanked Harry Merickel and Amy Zipko, research consultants for the House of Representatives, for their assistance. Swann said, “Replacing the City’s obsolete wastewater treatment plant, constructed in 1962, is critical to helping the City comply with MPCA guidelines, and the grant will make the project possible.” Swann also said the grant would help reduce the impact on Caledonia’s rate payers. The City worked with Tim Korby of HR Green to submit the City’s funding request to its legislators.