Extended Drop-Off for Tree Disposal Site

The City of Caledonia Diseased Tree Disposal site will be open for material drop off until the first snowfall. Hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm (the site is closed on Saturdays). The site will be closed Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th for the Thanksgiving holiday. Questions concerning the drop off site can be directed to the City Clerk’s Office at 725-3450.

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Pocket Park Enjoyed by Community

Since the ribbon cutting ceremony held on October 16th, the new Pocket Park is being enjoyed by residents in the community and downtown businesses. We are truly thankful for the following donations that made the Pocket Park another location to display what Caledonia has to offer to visitors and community members. To watch the transformation of the park mural and to see pictures from the ribbon cutting ceremony, click on the link provided below.

Arlin Falck Foundation $7,500.00

Community Spirit $464.99

MDH SHIP Grant $1,786.17

Caledonia Lions $997.49

StreetScapes $1,445.72

SMIF Paint the Town Grant $797.00

Houston County Master Gardeners Flowers/Plantings

Photo courtesy of the Caledonia Argus

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Fall Clean Up 2021

The City of Caledonia Fall Clean Up will begin Monday, November 1st through Monday November 8th. Anyone wishing to haul their materials to the City of Caledonia Diseased Tree Disposal Site at their own convenience is encouraged. Hours for drop off are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. In addition, the site will be open regular hours during fall clean up: Mondays 10:00 am-4:00 pm, Wednesdays 10:00 am-4:00 pm, and Saturdays 9:00 am-4:00 pm. Acceptable items for composting include grass, pumpkins, vegetables, leaves, and other vegetation in its natural state. Items for pick up should be placed by the curb in containers such as biodegradable bags or cardboard boxes (not garbage containers) In addition, the City of Caledonia is requiring residents to use paper biodegradable 30 gallon leaf bags. Bags are available at the local hardware/grocery store. Tree branches and brush will be accepted as long as the branches are cut into pieces not exceeding four feet in length and six inches in diameter and branches must be bundled. Examples of items that will not be collected include dirt, rocks, concrete, furniture, dimension lumber, blacktop or garbage. Questions regarding the fall clean up can be directed to the City Clerk’s office at 725-3450 or to the Street Department at 725-2060.

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Alternate Side Parking to Begin November 1st

A traffic control plan to facilitate snow plowing/removal during designated winter months requires all motor vehicles, trailers, wagons, dumpsters, and all other obstacles to snow plowing vehicles to park on opposite sides of the street every other day. City code requires that when parking on any public roadway between 1:00 am and 6:00 am, park on the even-numbered side of any public roadway on even-numbered days and the odd-numbered side of any public roadway on odd-numbered days.  The alternate side parking winter period for the city shall be from November 1st through March 31st annually. Violators may be fined and/or towed. Alternate side parking regulations apply regardless of weather conditions. Alternate side parking does not apply to those streets in which parking is allowed on one side only. For more information please call City Hall at 725-3450.

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Pocket Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is planned for Saturday, October 16th at 2:00 pm to celebrate the new Pocket Park in downtown Caledonia. The mural included in the park was funded by a $7,500 grant from the Arlin Falck Foundation. The project was spearheaded by the City of Caledonia’s StreetScapes/Caledonia Green Committee.

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Caledonia Celebrates Groundbreaking for New Wastewater Treatment Facility

On September 27, 2021 at 2:00 p.m., Caledonia’s elected officials, staff, contractors, and guests celebrated the groundbreaking for Caledonia’s new wastewater treatment facility. Participants included Senator Jeremy Miller, Representative Greg Davids, Mayor DeWayne “Tank” Schroeder, Councilmember David Fitzpatrick, Councilmember Robert “Bob Klug,” Councilmember Amanda Ninneman, City Clerk/Administrator Adam Swann, Public Works/Zoning Director Casey Klug, Project Engineer Eric Lynne (of Donohue & Associates), Project Manager Pat Doyle (of Wapasha Construction Co.), and Wapasha Construction Co. President Thomas Peplinski. 

Mayor Schroeder and Clerk/Administrator Swann thanked Senator Miller and Representative Davids for helping the City obtain a $7,000,000 direct appropriation for the project from the State of Minnesota in 2020. The direct appropriation will reduce future rate increases for single-family residential customers by an estimated $19.20 per month for 20 years and will reduce future rate increases by a much larger amount for commercial and industrial users.

The new wastewater treatment facility is anticipated to be completed by fall 2023. The construction cost is estimated to be $13,529,000 based on the bid accepted from Wapasha Construction Co., and the total project cost is estimated to be $16,122,889, including all engineering, legal, and administrative costs.

In addition to the $7,000,000 direct appropriation from the State of Minnesota, the project is being funded in part by a $821,794 grant from the Minnesota Public Facility Authority’s Green Project Reserve Fund. The remainder of the project cost is being paid for by a 20-year loan (with a 1% fixed interest rate) from the Minnesota Public Facility Authority’s Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund. 

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CBS Evening News Interviews Mayor Schroeder about Closure of Miken Sports

On Friday, August 20, 2021, national correspondent Kris Van Kleaves of CBS News interviewed Caledonia Mayor DeWayne “Tank” Schroeder about the announcement that Miken Sports would be closing its operations in Caledonia and offshoring many of the jobs to China. Mr. Kleaves also interviewed U.S. Senator Tina Smith, Caledonia residents Kari and Jerome Neumann, and Sarah Glasrud, owner of Good Times restaurant in Caledonia, about how they felt about the news and the impact it would have on Caledonia. CBS News aired the story on September 6, 2021 and then again on September 12, 2021. 

Watch CBS Evening News Story about Closure of Miken Sports (Sept. 6, 2021)
Watch CBS Evening News Story about Closure of Miken Sports (Sept. 12, 2021)

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Mural Completed in Future Downtown Pocket Park

Sarah Pederson of Lucid Painting recently completed an 8′ x 48′ mural in downtown Caledonia at the site of the future pocket park. The mural was paid for by a $7,500 grant from the Arlin Falck Foundation. The project was spearheaded by the City of Caledonia’s StreetScapes/Caledonia Green Committee. 

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Caledonia’s 2020 Census Results Show Reason for Optimism

The City of Caledonia has received its 2020 Census results, and there is reason for optimism. The City’s 2020 Census population is 2,847. Although this number is slightly lower than the City’s 2010 Census population of 2,868, it is significantly higher than what the Census estimated the population to be prior to the 2020 Census. The 2019 Census estimate for Caledonia was 2,754 based on American Community Survey data. (The higher 2020 Census population is not surprising because the MN State Demographer’s Office acknowledged in 2018 correspondence that the ACS Census data was underestimating the average household size in Caledonia.)

Caledonia’s 2020 Census results are even better when you take into account that these results don’t include the second apartment building constructed by Twin Village Apartments, LLC, in Caledonia, which didn’t open until fall 2020, which was after the April 1, 2020 deadline.

Based on the City’s 2020 Census results and data from the MN State Demographer’s Office, it appears that Caledonia’s population has grown in recent years after declining after the 2010 Census and reaching its lowest point in 2017. Here are the MN State Demographer Office’s estimates since 2012, which mirror the trend in active residential electric accounts, which dropped to 1,306 in 2016 but increased to 1,314 in 2017 and reached 1,341 in 2021.  

2010 Census:  2,868

2012 MN State Demographer Estimate:  2,839

2013 MN State Demographer Estimate:  2,839

2014 MN State Demographer Estimate:  2,824

2015 MN State Demographer Estimate:  2,823

2016 MN State Demographer Estimate:  2,824

2017 MN State Demographer Estimate:  2,821

2018 MN State Demographer Estimate:  2,824

2019 MN State Demographer Estimate:  2,837

2020 Census:  2,847

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City Council Passes Resolution Supporting Miken Sports’ Employees and Operations in Caledonia and Urging Rawlings Sporting Goods to Reverse Its Decision to Close Miken Sports

On Monday, August 9, 2021, the Caledonia City Council passed unanimously Resolution 2021-11, a resolution supporting Miken Sports employees and the company’s operations in Caledonia and urging Rawlings Sporting Goods to reverse its decision to close the Miken Sports office and manufacturing facility in Caledonia in 18-24 months. Mayor DeWayne “Tank” Schroeder and Councilmembers David Fitzpatrick, Robert “Bob” Klug, Amanda Ninneman, and Brad Rykhus all signed the resolution. The full resolution can be found below.

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