A Memo to the Community We Serve

During these uncertain times related to the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency medical services (EMS) and first responders remain committed to providing the best care to those in need within our community. While we prepare and train for all emergencies, no plan can anticipate all possible variables, and the COVID-19 pandemic poses unique challenges in the way we deliver care.

Please be aware that we have adopted some additional guidelines designed to protect the health and safety of our providers, patients and the general public:

  • When arriving to a patient’s residence, a single team member will first evaluate and assess the individual prior to others assisting. This evaluation will include screening questions relating to COVID-19 symptoms
  • Emergent care and resuscitations cannot be done by providers until wearing their prescribed PPE. This may result in brief necessary delays when the team arrives as they prepare to provide care while remaining safe
  • Respiratory procedures increase the risk of exposure. As a result, we will be limiting our airway interventions when possible
  • All patients will be masked and required to keep their mask on during their transport
  • At the request of hospitals during the pandemic, family is not allowed to accompany the patient. It is suggested that family members provide a contact phone number for the hospital to follow up
  • If the patient is ultimately dismissed from the emergency department, they will require someone to pick them up

Thank you in advance for supporting our EMS and public safety partners. Please understand that in order to continue to provide care to our community, we must take these precautions with our EMS providers and first responders.

Our Director Mike Tornstrom has a very progressive group of volunteer attendants. The nearest hospital is 20 miles away, with advanced life support provided by Tri-State ambulance out of La Crosse, WI. We would like to thank the Caledonia Ambulance service for being one of the best services in the area.

It is the mission of the Caledonia Ambulance Service to promote and provide the highest quality, compassionate, emergency medical care possible to the people and communities to whom we serve.

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Caledonia Ambulance Training Department

As a licensed training center through the state of Minnesota, the Caledonia Ambulance Training Department is recognized as a leader in EMS education in the southeast Minnesota region. Caledonia Ambulance provides many educational opportunities including the following classes and courses:

  • American Heart Association CPR and First Aid classes
  • E.M.R. Emergency Medical Responder initial and refresher courses
  • E.M.T. Emergency Medical Technical initial and refresher courses
  • C.E.V.O. Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Blood Borne Pathogens Education

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To schedule a class or for further information, please contact: