2020 Ordinances

2020-01: Ordinance Repealing and Replacing City Code Section 74.03 Regulating the Operation of Motorized Golf Carts in the City of Caledonia

2019 Ordinances

2019-03: Ordinance Amending City Code Section 114.08 to Authorize the City of Caledonia to Contract with the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce to Promote Caledonia as a Tourism and Convention Destination

2019-02: Ordinance Amending City Code 153.076 to Revise Permitted Uses in an R-1, Suburban Residential District, and Amending City Code Sections 153.064(A), 153.079(A), 153.094(A), 153.109(A), 153.124(A), 143.132(A, 153.139(A), and 153.154(A) to Revise Height Regulations in All Zoning Districts

2019-01: Ordinance Amending the Stormwater Drainage Utility Provisions in Chapter 54 of the Caledonia City Code to Establish a Definition of Impervious Surface, to Revise the Method of Calculating Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs) for Non-Residential Properties, and to Revise the Provisions for Payment of Stormwater Drainage Utility Fees

2018 Ordinances

2018-005: Ordinance Amending Caledonia City Code Chapter 151 (Flood Damage Prevention) to Comply with Federal national Insurance Program Regulations

2018-004: Ordinance Creating a Stormwater Drainage Utility for the City of Caledonia

2018-003: Ordinance Amending City Code Section 153.093 to Allow Arts and Cultural Centers as Conditional Uses in an R-2, Urban Residential District

2018-002: Ordinance Amending City Code Section 30.01(D) to Increase the Salaries for the Mayor and Council Members in 2019

2018-001: Ordinance Rezoning Properties 216 E. South St., 224 E. South St., and Parcel ID 21.0804.000

2017 Ordinances

2017-002: Ordinance Renewing of Mediacom Franchise

2017-001: Ordinance Repealing and Replacing City Code Sections 74.11, 74.12, and 74.13 Pertaining to the Use of Recreational Motorized Vehicles

2016 Ordinances

2016-005: Ordinance Amending Chapter 33 of the Caledonia City Code to Affirm the Library Board and Establish the Library Fund

2016-004: Ordinance Amending Section 92.04 of the Caledonia Code of Ordinances Relating to the Annual License Fee for Dogs and Cats

2016-003: Ordinance Opting Out of the Requirements of Minnesota Statutes Section 462.3593

2016-002: Ordinance Regulating Nonessential Water Usage Upon Critical Water Deficiency as Mandated by Minn. Statute 103G.291, subd. 1 and 2.

2016-001: Ordinance Amending Chapter 111 of the City Code to Expressly Authorize the City to Issue Wine Licenses