Caledonia is proud to have a variety of walking paths through and around that city that can be enjoyed year round.

Ma Cal Grove Scenic Trail (1.7 miles)

Circle beautiful Ma Cal Grove Golf Course and picturesque farmland in this loop! In the winter, the green turns into a cross-country ski and snow shoe trail, with an ice rink next to the clubhouse.

Courthouse Trail (0.95 miles)

A tree-lined neighborhood stroll, beginning and ending around Houston County’s historic courthouse and Veteran’s Memorial. From East Grove, stroll down South Pine Street, then at East Monroe, walk over to South Marshall Street. Head back north to South Kingston Street via South Street.

Warrior Trail (1.3 miles)

This path takes you further into nature, beginning with side-walks and ending on a gravel path through prairie grasses. Walk Esch Drive, then wind around the high school grounds.

North Park Trail (1.6 miles)

Circumscribe the town! Walk along the Highway 44 path to Main Street, stroll east to the heart of downtown, then north on Kingston, ending at North Park. Go around the Caledonia Public Library for an additional 0.3 miles.

Gazebo Trail (0.8 miles)

Circle through downtown Caledonia. From the corner of North Ramsey and West Lincoln streets, go south to Grove Street, then east to Badger Street, and back north to East Lincoln Street. Relax in shady Gazebo Park afterwards.

Main Street Trail (1.4 miles)

Loop down Main Street towards the fairgrounds. Great way to see Caledonia’s historic downtown. For a little extra, explore the Houston County Historical Society and fairgrounds!