City wide alternate side parking will go into effect November 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023. The traffic control plan is to facilitate snow plowing/removal during designated winter months, requiring all motor vehicles, trailers, wagons, dumpsters and all other obstacles to snow plowing vehicles to park on opposite sides of the street very other day.

City Code requires that when parking on any public roadway between 1:00am and 6:00am (early morning hours), all residents and visitors must park on the even- numbered side of any public roadway on even-numbered days and the odd-numbered side of any public roadway on odd-numbered days.

Violators may be fined and/or towed. Alternate side parking regulations apply regardless of weather conditions. Alternate side parking regulations do not apply to those streets in which parking is allowed on one side only. For more information, please call City Hall at 507-725-3450.