Argus Renovation

Program: Caledonia Downtown Redevelopment Program

Amount: $20,000 forgiveable loan

Purpose: Improve the appearance of the building at 225 N. Kingston St. and make the building more commercially usable. This was done by replacing the roof and constructing an overhang, refacing the overhang facia, sides, and ceiling, removing cladding from the face of the building to re-expose the original block, repairing block where it was necessary, repainting the building, and replacing the upperwindows.

Recipient: Norman Snodgrass

Bakery Renovation

Program: Caledonia Intermediary Revolving Loan Program (IRP) and the Caledonia Downtown Redevelompent Program

Amount: $20,000 (IRP) & $12,500 forgiveable loan (DRP)

Purpose: Installing new windows and removing the stucco front – helping to restore the historical look of the building and improve the appearance of downtown. Also, removing the radiators, cabinets, and suspended ceiling.

Recipient: Suzanne Roesler

Mainspring Renovation

Program: Caledonia Downtown Redevelopment Program

Amount: $15,000 forgiveable loan

Purpose: Renovate the first floor of the building at 404 E. Main St. Various improvements in the projects were installing new flooring, installing an exterior and interior ramp system for ADA accessibility, adding an ADA compliant bathroom, and installing a new front door.

Recipient: Melissa Wray

Other projects that have received assistance from the Intermediary Relending Low-Interest Loan Program in the past 3 years are: Chuck’s Old Fashioned Meats ($20,000), Todd Lemke ($25,000), Lifestyle Entireprises ($50,000), and Mell Chiropractic ($9,000).